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It's Administrative Professionals Month!

Posted by Jacintha Knox on

Why not celebrate the Administrative Professionals who make your life a little easier all month long! If you look up the word appreciation in the dictionary, you will see many references to gratitude, cherishing, gratefulness, and recognition.
Sending a Cherished Hearts Gift Basket is a way to show your staff how much you appreciate them. A little recognition goes a long way! Check out the mini gift baskets or corporate gift baskets to get an idea of how you can celebrate an Administrative Profession.
10% of the purchase price of the gift basket you choose will go to April 2018 Charity of the Month: The Colorado House Rabbit Society. This organization shelters a variety of bunnies in need of loving care. Visit their website at to find out all the wonderful things this organization does and how you can support them. Remember:
You're Cherished!