Back in Vegan Business!

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Hello Again!

 First of all, a big hearty thank you for visiting my vegan gift basket website! Yes, after a whirlwind year, I’m back in business. This month’s charity of choice is the Southwest House Rabbit Society.

Some of you may not know so let me fill you in! I accepted a job in another state. I packed up my 4 critters, packed all my belongings, moved from Denver, Colorado to Sarasota, Florida. Why you ask?

I was looking for a lifestyle change. I’ve wanted to live near a beach for a long time and this was my opportunity to make the move. For those of you who’ve made long distance moves, you know that it is a lot of work. Plus, I was sick with an upper respiratory illness while making the 2000 mile drive.

On several occasions I thought I was going to get my business up and running. It turned out that a lot more life changes occurred. My beloved pet guinea pig Apricot became ill and passed. Plus, my cat developed thyroid problems too. Learning a new job and a new city took a lot of time. Not to mention the process of selling my condo. Then, I had the opportunity to buy another condo in Sarasota! So, it has been a very busy year!

The good news is that yes, I’m ready to take your holiday orders. Christmas gift baskets will debut on black Friday! Plus, I’m adding in new charities for your 10% of purchase price to support! Thank you for your support! I’m enjoying the “salt life”!


Peace XOXO,

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